Reconstructing the Origins of the Coptic Church Through its Liturgy Early Centuries

This paper is an initial attempt to shed light on mutual interaction between Coptic and Jewish traditions by demonstrating a Jewish impact on the early stage of the Alexandrian church as seen in the Coptic Morning Service. It explores the possible influence of the Jewish liturgies and prayers including the writings of the late Second Temple era (200 BCE-70 CE) on some of the origins of fundamental Coptic rituals. The Coptic Morning Service holds almost identical texts, order of prayers, and many major Jewish thematic interrelations. This study argues for an important lacuna in the spirituality of the contemporary Coptic worshiper, The (mystifications that surround many Coptic liturgical components prevent parishioners from praying with understanding (1 Cor. 14:15). The twenty-first century Copt needs a sort of “Halakah” guidance towards their worshipping practices. This study hopes to offer a potential reconstruction of the early history of the Alexandrian Church through liturgy that could open a new scholarly field of the Judeo-Coptic studies

المتحدث: Emile Tadros

MA (Christian Studies) McMaster Divinity College,

ON, Hamilton – Canada