The anthology of biblical commentaries Kitāb al-shifā

concerning the person of Jesus Christ by abū Shākir ibn al-Rāhib

Following articles or partial editions that disclose part of the rich encyclopedic production of the Copto-Arab author Aba Shakir Ibn al-Rahib, we would like to bring to light his work on biblical exegesis entitled Kitab al-Shifa (“Book of the Cure”), concerning the person of Jesus Christ as God incarnate.

Formally conceived in the image of the “Tree of Life”, with a triple trunk, each carrying three branches, loaded with countless fruits, this third book by the author, concluded in 666/1268, collects a considerable amount of patristic comments and others (notably the Firdaws al-Nasraniyya of the famous Nestorian Ibn al-Tayyib, d. 435/1043). This results in a rich Arabic florilegium of biblical commentaries around the Human and Divine Nature of Christ.

المتحدث: Prof. Adel Y. Sidarus