The Ethiopic Manuscripts of Dayr as-Suryān

Dayr as-Suryān is famous for its extraordinary library, whose Coptic, Arabic and Syriac manuscripts are a significant part of the foundation on which the studies of the literatures in the respective languages. Less known is the small, but valuable collection Ethiopic manuscripts the library holds, on which a recent catalogue draws attention. lecture will offer an overview on both the intellectual content and codicological charateristics of this collection:

 What makes this collection special, and which features differentiate it from other Ethiopic collections in Ethiopia, Eritrea and other countries?

Which influence did the Egyptian context have on the Ethiopic manuscript production in Wadi an-Natrūn?

 What information does the collection con vey about the recent relations between and Ethiopian/Eritrean monasteries?

The lecture is an invitation to discover more about this fascinating collection of manuscript, which deserves more attention from scholars interested in codicology, monastic manuscript collections, and the history and literature of the Ethiopian church.

 المتحدث: Dorothea Reule M.A.

Universität Hamburg