Volume 31 (1992)



Wassif Boutros Ghali
In Memoriam, Prof. Magdi Wahba, p.   1 – 2.

R. -G. Coquin
A propos des vêtements des moines égyptiens, p.  3 – 24.

Peter Grossmann
A new church at Taposiris Magna-Abusir, p. 25 – 30.

Peter Grossmann and Jacek Kościuk
Report on the excavations at Abû Minâ in autumn 1990, p. 31 – 41.

Jacek Kościuk
A conical sundial from Abû Mina, p. 43 – 54.

Maggy Rassart-Debergh
Quelques bateaux coptes et leur signification, p. 55 – 73.

P. P. V. Van Moorsel and J. Van Der Vliet
One ladder and two apples – A problem of Shenoutean iconography, p. 75 – 81.

Jacques Jarry
Pêche interdite à la fin du VIIe siècle, p. 83 – 86.

Ruth Altheim-Stiehl
The Sasanians in Egypt – some evidence of historical interest, p.  87 – 96.

Michael Jones
An unusual foundation deposit at Kom Ombo, p. 97 – 107.

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
De nouveau, la christianisation des fêtes de l’ancienne religion égyptienne, p. 109 – 113.

Zuzana Skalova and Sobhi Shenouda
A late Byzantine icon of the “Assumption of the Virgin” with the Episode of the Apostle Thomas in the Coptic Museum in Cairo, its restoration history, p. 115 – 125.

L. -A. Hunt  And Z.Skalova
Note on a 16th century Cretan Crucifixion Icon in Egypt, p. 127 – 128.

Hishmat Messiha
Portable altars – Luxor Treasure (1893), p. 129-134.


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