Volume 58 (2019)



Abréviations, p. 9 – 10.

Mary M. Anwar
L’âne dans lʼhéritage Copte, p. 11 – 36.

Sherin S. El Gendi
Woodwork from the Coptic Museum Displayed in the Antiquities Museum of the Library of Alexandria, p. 37 – 64.

Marcin Krawczuk
Coptic language in Christian Ethiopia (until the 19th Century), p. 65 – 74.

Mary Kupelian
The Evangelist Mark with Jesus and the Apostle Thomas with the Virgin Mary on a Coptic tapestry-woven shamlah, p. 75 – 82.

Marc Malevez
Deux vices complementaires: la gastrimargie et la luxure. Analyse reposant sur les Apophtegmes des Pères et la vie d’Onuphre / mission de Paphnuce, p. 83 – 100.

Ashraf A. Sadek
Can we say that the Ethiopian people are “Copts”?, p. 101 – 108.

Eveline Salib
Icons of the Virgin Mary Church at Sheblanga, p. 109 – 118.

Youhanna N. Youssef
The Liturgical Texts relating to Saint Apater, p. 119 – 138.

Ugo Zanetti
Dix brèves prières de la Fraction, p. 139 – 170.


Nabil Farouk F. Awad
The Signings of the Cross in the Liturgy according to MS Paris Copte 26, p. 171 – 194.

Awad Wadi
The Arabic Life of Saint Latsun compared with the Synaxarion, p. 195 – 224.


Activités de la Société d’Archéologie Copte 2018–2019, p.  225 – 232.


Wassif Boutros-Ghali, PhD thesis of Dr. Selvana George, p.233 – 234.


Christine Chaillot, L’Église assyrienne de l’Orient, Histoire bimillé-naire et géographie mondiale (Youhanna N. Youssef), p. 235.

Engy Hanna, Women in the Late Antique Egypt through Coptic Artefacts-A social-contexts, art historical study of Women’s representation in Late Antiquity (Youhanna N. Youssef), p. 236.


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