Volume 57 (2018)



Abbréviations, p. 9 – 10.

Nabil Farouk F. Awad
Anba Epiphanius (1954-2018†), Curriculum Vitae et Bibliographie, p. 11 – 18.

Elizabeth Agaiby
A codicological overview of Manuscript St Paul Monastery (History) 53, p. 19 – 38.

Mary M. Anwar
L’étude du patrimoine copte à travers les phénomènes cosmiques dans l’art copte, p. 39 – 76.

Dominique Bénazeth
Les tissus égyptiens de Georges Marteau légués au Louvre en 1916, p. 77 – 90.

Mary Kupelian
The Hermitage (manshubiya) of the Monastery of Abu Maqar (St. Macarius) in Wadi al-Natrun, p. 91 – 114.

Amir K. Malek
The Symbolism of Noah’s Ark in the Allegorical Commentary on the Book of Genesis of Marqus Ibn Al-Qunbur (12th Century), p. 115 – 124.

Misael Al-Baramosy
Notes on the euchologion of the Hegumen ʻabd al-Masīh al-Masʻūdī 1902 a.d, p. 125 – 146.

Shady K. Nessim
“If someone contemplates you, O holy Virgin and Mother of God.” A Patristic Evaluation of the Coptic Theotokia: Monday and Tuesday Theotokia, p. 147 – 164.

Columba Stewart Osb
The Digitization and Cataloging Work of the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library (HMML), p. 165 – 174.

Adel Yussef Sidarus
The contribution of Monks or Hermits to the medieval Coptic-Arabic literature, p. 175 -187.

Youhanna N. Youssef, H. Abraham Guirguis
Poeikon in the Coptic liturgy, p. 187 – 204.

Ugo Zanetti
Prière de la fraction sur la vision d’Isaïe (et autres), p. 205 – 218.


Nabil Farouk F. Awad
Funeral Oration composed by al-Waǧīh Al-Qalyūbī and read the day of the demise of Pope Gabriel III, 77th Patriarch of Alexandria (1268-1274 ad), p. 219 – 234.

Mickel Helmy Ragheb
Byzantine kontakion for the feast of annunciation in the Manuscript of the celebration of desert of apa Shenoute ms. (Bnf Copte 68), p. 235 – 256.

Bishop Martyros
Some rare decorated papyri from Bahnasa (Oxyrhynchus) and from other zones of Egypt, pp. 257 – 268.

Awad Wadi
‘Les deux vies arabes de saint Pachôme traduites du copte sahidique et du copte bohairique, 5. Ascèse de Pachôme, sa vocation à batir un monastère et mort de Palamon, pp. 269 – 278.



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