Volume 42 (2003)



Girgis Daoud Girgis
The Ancient Door of St. Barbara Church in Misr al-Qadeima, p. 7 – 8.

Peter Grossmann
Brief Report on a Survey in the Monastery of Apa Shenudi at Suhag (April 2002), p. 9 – 11.

Peter Grossmann
Nochmals zu Marea und Philoxenite, p. 13 – 20.

Peter Grossmann and J. Pfeiffer
Report on the Excavations at Abu Mina in Spring 2002, p. 21 – 41.

Jacek Kosciuk
The Latest Phase of Abu Mina – The Mediaeval Settlement, p. 43 – 54.

Mahruz Abdalla Ali and Peter Grossmann
Discovery of a new small church at Firan, Sinai, p. 55 – 57.

Refaad Al-Taher, M. abd Al-Hafiz, P. Grossmann
Excavation and restoration of the SCA-Islamic section at the church complex of Tall al-Makhzan (season spring 2002), p. 59 – 64.

Samiha Abd El-Shaheed
Supplement to the Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Coptic Museum, p. 65 – 72.

László Török
“A Heap of Stones”. Aspects of the Architectural Sculpture from Heracleopolis Magna/Ahnas, p. 73 – 98.

Klaas Worp
O.Alexandria inv. 19940: A Greek Poll Tax Receipt from Coptic Egypt, p. 99 – 101.

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
The Homily on the Archengel Michael Attributed to Severus of Antioch Revisited, p. 103 – 117.

Youhanna Nessim Youssef
Text Attributed to Severus of Antioch on the Robber, p. 119 – 125.



Awad Wadi OFM
La Traduction des Quatre Evangiles de al-As‘ad Ibn al-‘Assal, p. 127 – 136.

Girgis Daoud Girgis
Monogram of Christ on the Coptic monuments, p. 137 – 139.



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Historical bibliography of Christian Egypt and Nubia, assembled and annotated by P. Grossmann and S. Schaten, p. 171 – 194.



W. Boutros-Ghali
C. D. G. Muller (1927-2003), in memoriam, p. 195.

W. Boutros-Ghali
Fr. Graffin, S. J. (1905-2002), in memoriam, p. 196 – 197.

W. Boutros-Ghali
Anba Samuel (1937-2003), in memoriam, p. 197 – 199.

W. Boutros-Ghali
K. Urbaniak-Walczak (1956-2003), in memoriam, p. 200 – 203.



Workshop of the international research group “textiles from the Nile Vally”, Berlin, 25th – 26th January 2003, p. 204 – 205.

Programme des conferences au siege de la Soc. d’Archeologie copte, p. 206.


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